Use Facebook as a Touch-Point Marketing Tool

Facebook is a great tool to interact with customers online. Having a Facebook page does wonders for your brand image: A well-executed page is a reflection of how your business operates.

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But, your Facebook page is useless until you get fans

And your fans need to come from somewhere. This is where every Facebook marketer will ask the golden question: “how do I get more Facebook fans?”

This is the question on everyone’s mind: how do you get your marketing messages to reach more people? There are ways you can do this with paid advertisements, but I like to stick with free methods if possible.

Use Facebook as a tool to deepen in-person relationships

For small businesses without a million dollar advertising budget, your facebook page is only as good as you promote it in person.

This means that, when you are talking face-to-face with your customer, you should be recommending that they visit your Facebook page.

When you are at this “touch-point” with the customer, take advantage of this very powerful¬† opportunity to deepen your relationship with them.

Customize the recommendation to make it stick

The best marketing messages are specifically targeted: and recommending your facebook page is no exception. When a customer mentions something relevant to your page, it is a perfect entry point for you to direct the conversation toward your Facebook page.

The golden words are: “I just wrote something about that on my facebook page…”

More important than convincing a customer why they should visit your page, is making sure that they remember how to get to your page and that they should “like” your page when they get there.

Building a solid Facebook following is an art.

But it can be very rewarding for your brand image and your marketing. Getting free, organic, followers without paying for advertising can be a challenge. When you start building a group of people who want to hear about your marketing, you have created a very powerful asset for your business.

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