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Why should you use social marketing?

For one thing, surveys show that Facebook, blogs, Twitter are considered the most effective tactics for mobilizing consumers have online conversations about your products (Etailing survey of 117 companies, September 2009).

Tech Nick Consulting can help your company implement social marketing campaigns:

Social Marketing helps you:

  • Establish your company’s online presence
  • Generate more sales leads
  • Turn indifferent customers into loyal customers
  • Amplify your voice
  • Instantly market globally
  • Establish your company’s industry leadership
  • Close more business!

Where should you start?

Learn about Social Marketing from Tech Nick Tips, the SMB Web Marketing Blog


Facebook Marketing?

Tech Nick Consulting can help with that.


Email Made Easy:

Build your database with the power of content.


Web Video

Make beautiful videos with green screen technology.


How to revamp your marketing:

  1. Hire Tech Nick Consulting
  2. Create a Social Marketing Plan
  3. Implement, integrate, and measure.

Grow your business: Tech Nick Consulting can help you be creative.

Contact Nick Rosener at [email protected] today to get started.



About Nick Rosener

Nick is the owner and founder of Tech Nick Creative, and a lover of all things digital. At night, he dreams about social media, web design, blog strategy, and other ways to help small and medium companies grow using the web. Nick is a speaker and instructor on social media strategy, teaching a course on the topic at Century College and North Hennepin Community College. Nick carries a certification in Social Media Strategy from the National Institute for Social Media, and the author of the upcoming marketing book, Shout In The Right Direction.

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