My 10 Minute Social Media Routine

Do you ever feel like you can spend hours on Facebook and still not get any new business? Languishing away in front of your twitter feed waiting for someone to mention you? Cut it out! Time is money, and you’ve probably figured out that social media can take a lot of time, if you let it.

Sometimes it’s good to spend lots of time on LinkedIn, but not every day.

You have better things to do with your time (like selling stuff?) than spending all of it on social media. The key to a healthy social profile is to spend a little bit of time every day. More little interactions beats less time-intensive interactions any day of the week.

Say something every day, but say something original every week.

This is my personal goal for maintaining my online social presence. Every week I write something original on the blog, which I can share on social media. But that isn’t the subject of this post (as I generally put a lot of time into my blog posts).

I also push myself to put something on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn every day. This helps me get my brand in front of customers as often as possible without being overwhelming.

So, how to do you find something to talk about every day?

When I don’t have anything to share that I wrote myself, I share selected articles that other people have written. The web is a great resource for new information about your industry: most professions have several good blogs worth reading. When you find something that would benefit your customers, share it with them!

This is an easy way to bring your extra followers value through social media when you don’t have time to write something. They’re not experts in your field, you are.
This allows you to play the role of the “digestor of information.” Read the relevant news and articles from your industry, and share with your customers only what they would find important.

If you’re really short on time, use your Twitter feed to source articles.

Once you follow enough people on Twitter, you will have built a useful personalized stream of content to share.

My Twitter feed has provided me with many an interesting article to share with you. Take some time to build your own feed into a custom CNN news ticker of relevant recent news.

A word of caution: you endorse what you share.

Make sure to read everything before you share it. When you share a link, your customers see the link as though it came from you (even though it didn’t). If something is wrong, it’s your fault. Check facts and logic before passing it along to your connections.

What’s in your daily routine?

Have any suggestions to add to the daily routine? Leave them in a comment below.

Want to see the types of things I share every day with this routine? Come find me on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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