The Magic Sales Word

There is one word in the English language that can dramatically increase your success in a sales conversation. In the business world we are all sales people. You need to be able to talk with potential clients and open up a conversation about them using your services. However, some people find it especially difficult to be forward and bring up that conversation about their services. Why is this conversation so difficult? We are worried that potential clients will perceive us as self-interested. We are worried that they may reject us, but never fear. There is a word. A magic sales word.  This word diffuses sales conversation and makes it easy to bring up a conversation about sales in any situation.

That magical word is “Consider”.

Consider. Seems simple right? Consider is a magical word because it diffuses conversations and allows you to bring up the topic of purchasing a product or service in a normal conversation.

Here are a few examples:

  • “Would you ever consider outsourcing your marketing?”
  • “Have you ever considered redesigning your website”
  • “Would you consider endorsing my new book?”

It’s as easy as that. This phrase is magical because it’s direct, to the point, but it also softens the ask.

Today’s video: The Magic Sales Word

Today’s Technique Tip:

This magical word does not directly ask “are you going to buy from me?”  but instead asks “have you ever thought about it?” Even better, this magical word makes it easy to say no.

Making it easy to say no may seem like bad thing, but consider it a good thing.

If a potential client can decline a request easily, then it is polite to bring it up. In any conversation you can ask the question “have you ever considered XYZ?” Someone can say no I’m not really open to that and the conversation can move on. This magical word is a great way to bring up a sales conversation with someone you’re getting to know or someone who you would not sell to more forcefully.

What are some of your magical sales phrases?

What makes your phrase a magical? Leave your answer in the comments below.

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Sharon Planer
Sharon Planer

Nick, I appreciated you sharing your magic word. Thank you! I plan on incorporating it into my business and personal communications. In the past I have used the phrase 'I hope you will keep me in mind...", but I like your word better. I enjoyed your dramatic presentation. You exhibit good theater skills!